Cancer of a Thyroid Gland: specifics of diagnostics

This disease occurs quite often among all other typescancers. This is caused by high sensitivity
of thyroid cells to a hormonal imbalance and to ecological conditions.
There is disagreement on numbers of cases ranging from 6.6 to 54.2%. It is almost impossible
to reveal a new growth at early stages without special methods of diagnostics.

Types of cancer formations of a thyroid gland and specifics of diagnostics

Anaplastic type is an aggressive, metastatic type.
This type is difficult to detect and it is inert for radiation and chemotherapy;
by the time of detection it is not operable.

Malignancies of “thyroid gland” are divided in 8 types:

• Anaplastic (undifferentiated thyroid tumor);
• Medullary (mutation of parafollicular cells);
• Papillary (kind of a carcinoma);
• Follicular cancer (a thyroid form with follicular formation);
• Squamous and cellular carcinoma (kind of planocellular pathology);
• Lymphoma (effects lymph nodes);
• Planocellular cancer;
• Sarcoma.

Medullary cancer is called family type, if the immediate family member has it,
the risk of oncology is very high.
The medullary form differs in the high speed of spread of metastases and
low sensitivity to drugs and radiation!
Anaplastic type of cancer cells, follicular and papillary at early stages of development imitate cells
of benign formations, therefore it is very difficult to reveal the cancerous nature of the formation.

Ways of diagnostics of thyroid glandcancer

The doctor collects the detailed anamnesis. The patients who had radiation at early
age are subject to special attention.
• Physical (visual and physical) examination is done. Thyroid gland is well palpated,
however small formations present at more thick tissue can be detected only by ultrasonography.
• Observation in dynamics allows to monitor growth of a tumor, formation of metastases in nearby
lymph nodes.
• Ultrasonography helps to estimate a form, its density, mobility.
Histology of samples of biopsy is one of the first ways of identification of the latent forms of cancer.
In most cases the papillary type turns into this type
• Biopsy and cytologic analysis.
• X-ray and a computer tomography are applied as additional methods to study the spread of metastases.

Early diagnostics will be effective if patient visits endocrinologist at the time of detection of symptoms connected
with unusual feelings in a throat: feeling of a foreign subject, the complicated swallowing,
hoarseness of a voice, trouble breathing.

Recommendations of the German doctors of age of the first screening

The German specialists recommend to conduct full examination to persons of 35 years of agevery 2 years.
Thyroid gland cancer is closely connected with hormonal problems of a female reproductive system.
Men with family history of thyroid gland cancer need also visit the specialist regularly.

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