Charite Berlin

The clinic includes four campuses and has about 100 different departments and institutes,
making up a total of 17 different centers of different specializations.

In addition to its role in research and training, the main mission of the hospital also includes patient care and
treatment, with 660,000 outpatient treatment cases and approximately 140,000 inpatient treatment cases
per year. Charite treats more patients than any other university hospital in Germany, and as a result, can use
its ample experience and knowledge. Thanks to Charité’s close ties with university research, patients benefit
rom expert knowledge of about 3,700 scientists, 4,135 nurses working in the clinic, their tireless commitment
to maintaining patient comfort contributes to the hospital’s outstanding reputation.
To further improve the quality of nursing care, the hospital offers its nursing staff a wide
range of further continuing education.

In the Charite Clinic, you have access to modern technologies in the field of cancer treatment.
The tumor targeted by a high-precision radiation, obtained through the use of a robot with visual control.
At the time of the procedure, the patient is completely anesthetized, so that no discomfort is felt. Also,
the Charite Clinic has an excellent pediatrics department, in which experts from various fields work together
on an interdisciplinary basis. Patients benefit from this network of medical specialists and researchers and
receive the best treatment according to the latest scientific knowledge.

Highly qualified specialists working in the clinic provide comprehensive services in the field of medicine.
The main tools for solving problems are the most effective methods of treatment that meet current standards.
Specialists closely interact discussing controversial issues, so the diagnosis has high accuracy and allows you
to choose effective treatment.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Our staff will be happy to help you. Research carried out at Charité has an excellent reputation both in
Germany and abroad. New diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic approaches are being developed in
more than 1,000 research projects and working groups and are being applied as part of patient care in short period of time.

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