University Hospital Essen

University Hospital Essen is a high-level provider of medical services in the city of Ruhr. In this institution,
scientific research is closely related to medical practice, and therefore brings immediate benefits to patients.
Therefore, with a full guarantee, you will receive the latest available treatment methods that are
not available in other places at present. It may take many years before they become standard
of care throughout the world.
At the University Hospital, doctors and teachers conduct research on diseases, their causes and
predispositions. Ultramodern medical research is what determines the high quality of medical departments.
However, no examination or treatment will be conducted without your full consent.
Studies in the Essen Clinic are conducted in key areas of cardiovascular medicine, oncology and
transplantation, as well as interdisciplinary specialties of genetic medicine, infectious diseases and
immunology. The list of outstanding scientific achievements is too long to cover each of them.
However, key specializations are presented below.
Experts are studying new drug approaches in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, as
well as ways to improve the existing treatment methods. Scientists are also conducting research on genes
that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and suggest ways to control and direct treatment to
achieve the best effect. The clinic conducts research on the development of improved treatments for
life-threatening narrowing of coronary arteries.
Transplantation also takes a key place; therefore, scientists are engaged not only in clinical studies with
patients, but also conduct basic research. The clinic is an international leader in this field. Successful
transplantation depends critically on the quality of the organ transplant. As a result, scientists pay great
attention to the issue of organ preservation and decide how to avoid reperfusion injury. It is imperative
that the patient’s immune system accepts the donor organ. As a result, specialists are looking for ways
to monitor the immune status of patients who have undergone transplantation, as well as research new
highly effective drugs to prevent transplant organ rejection. The Essen Clinic is a leader in optimizing
liver transplantation in living donors.
Oncology is also an important activity profile. The main goal is to constantly improve the prevention,
diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Therapeutic antibodies are among the most promising innovations
in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Some of these antibodies are already used by medical
departments and improve the prognosis and quality of life of patients, sometimes improvement is
quite remarkable. Another important task is to improve chemotherapy and selective molecular cancer
therapy, often referred to as personalized cancer therapy.
The clinic is actively developing in the field of treatment of infectious diseases and immunology.
Chronic infectious diseases, multidrug-resistant and emerging pathogens pose a serious threat to
the health of patients, even in Germany. Cancer patients and organ transplant patients are particularly
susceptible to infection, since their immune systems do not provide a fully functional defense mechanism.
Essen University Hospital has established itself in many other areas outside its core areas. Examples are
the perinatal center, complex stroke therapy and a headache center.
The clinic has a high level of service. Doctors, nurses and all other staff members work to make patient
stay as pleasant as possible. For any question you may contact our staff.

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