University Hospital Cologne

The University Hospital Cologne is one of the largest in Germany. The main activity of the institution is
devoted to the practice of innovative academic medical skill. Professionals take on important public
functions in research, education and health.
The University Hospital Cologne was founded in 1908. It provides treatment for more than 312,000 patients
per year, and 60,000 of them receive inpatient care. The clinic has more than 10,300 employees from more
than 80 countries, and therefore is one of the largest employers in Cologne, and also ranks among
the leading university hospitals in Germany.
Highly qualified specialists provide comprehensive medical services. The main tools for solving problems
are the most effective methods of treatment that meet modern requirements. Doctors closely interact,
discussing controversial issues. Therefore, the diagnosis has high accuracy and allows you to choose
an effective treatment.
At the University Hospital Cologne there are research laboratories that conduct research within s
hort period of time.
The Clinic includes six modern medical centers, on the basis of which the advanced departments function:
1. Surgery Center
2. Endocrinology Center
3. Center for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases
4. GynecologyCenter
5. Neurosurgery Center
6. Cancer Center
7. Orthopedics Center
The management of the departments of the medical center is entrusted to world-renowned specialists,
known for their own developed methods for the treatment of complex diseases.
The main areas of work of the center are:
Treatment of cancer.
Antitumor therapy.
TURP – resection of the prostate.
Removal of cystic formations with modern methods.
Hormone treatment.
Treatment of benign tumors with microwave and thermal therapy.
Endoscopic surgery.
Clinical studies.
Treatment of heart disease.
Laser treatment.
In addition to high-quality medical services, the University Hospital Cologne offers its patients the most comfortable
conditions of hospital stay. Comfortable rooms are equipped with telephone, TV and toilet.
The clinic also provides access to the Internet. If needed, patients can stay with relatives in the clinic.

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