University Hospital Frankfurt

Frankfurt University Hospital has been operating since 1914. At the moment, it is the leading modern
institution in Germany. The hospital is located in the vibrant Rhine-Main region, just ten minutes from
Frankfurt International Airport.
The staff consists of 4,055 employees: 1,050 doctors and scientists, as well as 1,380 nurses. About 250,000
patients from different parts of the world receive treatment at the hospital every year. With a capacity
of 1,488 beds, it is the fourth largest hospital.
At the University Hospital Frankfurt, you can take advantage of the excellent quality of medical care, as well
as innovative and world-renowned research that is carried out in the interests of patient treatment and care.
The University Hospital Frankfurt is home to 25 medical clinics and research institutes. It is one of
the Germany’s transplant centers offering a special isolator for the treatment of patients with a high level
of infection. Since the mid-1980s, HIV-infected patients have been treated at the clinic, and AIDS research
has been conducted.
The clinic pays attention to interdisciplinarity, offering competent services in the areas
of neurovascular surgery, oncology, cardiovascular science and other areas.
The Comprehensive Oncology Center located in the hospital is a unique integration of research and patient
care dedicated to the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. If you have a serious illness,
the specialists of the clinic will make every effort to ensure an adequate level of therapy and care.
University Hospital Frankfurt serves thousands of people from different countries every year, allowing
staff to gain experience in treating diseases of any etiology. The highest medical standards and
innovative techniques in the ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology, and urology areas are
used for in treatment. But above all, here you can get help in the field of neurosurgery, oncology and
cardiovascular areas. Also, the hospital has earned a good reputation in cardiac surgery and dialysis areas.
Clinic staff plays a key role in providing quality services and overall success. Empathic contact and patient
communication are crucial for high treatment outcomes.
Your safety and high quality of treatment are top priorities at the University Hospital Frankfurt.
These areas are constantly evolving thanks to integrated quality and risk management.
Due to the high regulatory and legal requirements in the health sector, you can count on interacting with
hospital staff and their adherence to high standards of treatment.

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