University Hospital Heidelberg

The University Hospital of Heidelberg is one of the largest and most prestigious medical centers in Germany
and throughout Europe. The Center has 43 specialized clinical departments. Annually about 700,000 patients
are treated at the University Hospital Heidelberg.
The main focus of Heidelberg Hospital is cancer, so you can be sure that you will get the best help there.
Since 1992 specialists at the Heidelberg Clinic have cured more than 400 patients with difficult to treat bone,
cartilage or soft tissue tumors.
A recent breakthrough in treating cancer patients is the founding of the National Center for Tumor Diseases,
which was opened in 2009 in collaboration with the German Cancer Research Center. The aim of the project
is interdisciplinary cooperation between various clinical and fundamental scientific disciplines and the rapid
introduction of new therapeutic procedures.
A good example of Heidelberg’s leadership in innovative cancer research and treatment is HIT (Heavy Ion Therapy).
HIT uses scanned beams of heavy ions, such as carbon ions, and is considered to be better at treating certain
types of cancer than conventional photon radiation. Ions are accelerated to about 75% of the speed of light.
The beam can be precisely controlled to deliver and preserve the surrounding healthy tissue.
Heidelberg University has no analogues in the world, as it is the first therapeutic center in Europe in which malignant
tumors can be treated with protons and heavy ions. The rotating portal for the treatment of heavy ions is unique.
In the coming years, hospital scientists will actively explore ion-radiation therapy to treat common tumors, such as
prostate cancer, as well as pediatric cancer, so you can get treatment that has no analogues in the world.
Most of the University Hospital clinics are located in the Neuenheimer district, and some clinics are located across
the Neckar River in the Alt Klinikum Bergheim. Overall the University Hospital has 15 clinics:
Center for Internal Medicine
Surgical Clinic
University Clinic of Anesthesiology
Women’s Clinic
Center for Children’s Medicine
Center for Psychosocial Medicine
Dental clinic
Eye clinic
Ear, nose and throat clinic
Neurological clinic
Neurosurgery clinic
Dermatological clinic
Radiological clinic
Center for Orthopedics, Traumatology and Paraplegiology (located in Heidelberg-Schlierbach)
Thoracic clinic (located in Heidelberg-Rohrbach)
Thanks to the advanced achievements in the field of diagnostics and treatment, you have the opportunity to receive
the help of qualified specialists in the treatment of the most complex diseases.

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