Cancer diagnostics

Diagnostics in Germany
The clinics in Germany have everything you need to conduct a quality diagnosis of any diseases.
There are high quality modern equipment and experienced expert staff. Our patients choose us to organize
their treatment in Germany and remain satisfied. We take very seriously the selection of a leading specialist
for the treatment. When selecting a specialist for your disease, we select the TOP doctors from the best clinics in Germany.
Diagnostics in Germany
The clinics in Germany have everything you need to conduct diagnostics. The main goal of diagnostics

is to establish the
correct diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. However, this is not the only purpose
of ongoing diagnostic measures. It is also necessary to clarify the nature of the disease. 
Doctors determine: 
The main

localization of the pathological process Its prevalence (sites of infection in various organs, tumor metastases, etc.)
Pathology type (e.g. histological type of tumor – its definition allows you to choose the best therapeutic tactics).
What diagnostic methods are available in Germany? 
Almost all modern diagnostic methods that exist and

actively used in world medicine, available in clinics in Germany.
Among others used to identify various types of diseases are: 
Computed tomography
Magnetic resonance

imaging 1.5 Tesla, 3.0 Tesla Pozitron Emission Tomography – PET 
Radionuclide research

Endoscopic diagnostic procedures Any laboratory tests, including complex molecular genetic studies.
Diagnostics and treatment in Germany have many advantages. Here are the main ones: Our experience in
organizing treatment in cooperation with the best specialists in Germany will help you achieve better results.
Your recovery is our success. 
Qualified staff. The level of medical education in Germany is very high.
In addition, doctors are well-paid and the possibility of professional growth attracts the best medical professionals from around
the world to this country. High quality quipment. All the clinics with which we cooperate are equipped with modern equipment.
German clinics are generously funded by the state. High-precision diagnostic devices of the latest generations allow you to
detect almost any disease even in the early stages of development.
Work organization. Diagnostics fit into a compressed period of time. Patient quickly passes all the necessary studies in one clinic.
A full diagnostics usually takes from 1 to 3 days. 
Easy passing process. German doctors are trying to

make the diagnostic process as comfortable and easy as possible for the patient.
Sedation or anesthesia can be used when invasive diagnostic manipulations are done. We guarantee you the right selection of the best
specialist, transparent organization of your treatment and financial aspects associated with the treatment.

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